Florida Keys Kottage and Bayside are your locations for vacation rentals in Islamorada and the upper air-isla_200Florida Keys. The Florida Keys Kottage and Bayside are two units on the Holiday House Resort Motel property located on the bay side of Upper Matecumbe Key in the heart of the Village of Islamorada, the perfect location for a relaxing family vacation, and equally perfect “base camp” for a serious fishing adventure.

Chart of Upper Matecumbe

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An easy ninety minute drive from Miami International Airport, Florida Keys Kottage and Bayside are in the middle of where it’s happening in Islamorada and the Upper Keys.

Florida Keys Kottage and Bayside are located at mile marker 82.2, at the concrete power pole numbered 652-B, and right next door to the Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters, a great place to rent some kayaks for a leisurely tour of the island.

By Boat or by land, it is easy to find Florida Keys Kottage and  Bayside.plotplan

The Holiday House Resort Motel property was originally a cottage motel which was sold to individual owners in the mid-70’s, and has been resold to others since. The property is now operated as Holiday House Resort Motel, a resort condominium where each owner operates and maintains their own unit, and where the condominium association manages the common elements.

The property is private and very special, perfectly located for both water based activities, and for those on land. There are attractions for the children, and plenty of excellent restaurants for the adults and kids as well. The property is child friendly, family friendly and pet friendly.

And although Bayside is the unit overlooking Florida Bay and the boat basin, The Keys Kottage is only 100 feet from the water, the boat basin patio, and the seawall projecting into Florida Bay.